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Bible Quizzing Study Tips

This is a list of tips to help you with you improve the bible quizzing study methods you already use. For a list of actual methods, please see the study methods page.

Study Tip 1

If you are memorizing larger passages of text from the bible, it may be helpful to break the whole chapter down into verses and then put the verses into narrow columns. I find that it is much faster and easier to memorize this way.

Study Tip 2

Make sure you understand what you are reading. When you really understand what the bible is saying it becomes a lot easier to remember where certain things are. If you've ever read a good novel you know that you can read a small passage when you're done and remember what part of the story that came from even if you don't remember the exact page.

Study Tip 3

Don't spend more than 50 to 60 minutes studying without a break. Take at least a 10 minute break for every hour you study.

Study Tip 4

Find a comfortable and quiet place to study that is free from distractions. It is distracting to be too hot or too cold. Also, it can be distracting to sit in a metal folding chair and study for any real length of time.

I said quiet because it doesn't work well to study with the T.V. or a Radio on because there is a lot of talking and most people end up listening to what's going on with the T.V. and Radio than what they should be studying. However, I have always liked to play music like "Classical" because there are no words I don't get distracted.

Study Tip 5

When you're tired or hungry it is very distracting to hear you stomach growling or you eye's closing on their own. It really doesn't do much good to study when you can't stay awake long enough to read a chapter. Make sure you have eaten something and that you're not tired before you study. You'll feel much better and will be able to study better.

Study Tip 6

Always memorize the reference with every verse you memorize unless you're memorizing a whole chapter. If you want to memorize every chapter or even a few chapters it will take too long to memorize every verse reference. But, if you are memorizing things like memory verses always quote the reference at the beginning and end of a verse.

Some people disagree with me and say that you should take the time to memorize the reference with every verse. This is only important if you really are trying and plan on going all the way to Nationals, I knew I didn't want to put the work into making it that far so I wasn't worth the time. My goal was to be the best on my district and try to do well at the regional quiz meets. You need to decide how much time you are willing to spend memorizing.

Study Tip 7

Review is the most important things you can do when trying to learn or memorize new material. Studies show that if you don't use information you loose it. Review old information as often and as much as possible. If you don't review you are just wasting your time. What good does it do you to spend hours studying if you're only going to forget it a month later?

Study Tip 8

Jumping fast is something that almost every quizzer has problems with. The problem is that quizzers sit in the wrong position and put the pad in the wrong place.

The first thing you need to do when you sit down is push the pad all the way to the back of the seat. Then sit forward and lean over so that your chest is close to your knees. Stay in that position and reach behind with one of your hands and slide the seat until it hits your bottom. As soon as you feel it hit you bottom lift up just enough to slide the edge of the pad under you. The secret is keeping your butt tight, legs flexed and you weight as far forward as possible.

Also, I have seen many quizzers put the seat pad under one side of their butt cheeks. You will find yourself jumping quicker if you line the center of the pad with center of you butt. I know I've spent too much time getting this right, but let me explain. When you are sitting down, the weight of you body is on the two sides of your butt cheeks, the gap of you butt crack is where there is the least amount of weight. When you attempt to jump you're flexing the muscles in your legs and your butt. The muscles in your butt cause your butt to raise slightly before actually leaving the seat, causing the crack to raise also. Again, I said this happens as soon as you flex your muscles and if done right you never have to leave the seat, you only have to flex the muscles in your butt and you will set the buzzer off. If you try you will find that you can flex you butt muscles very quickly, much faster than you can actually leave the seat.

Study Tip 9

Sometimes it can help to have a binder or something similar where you can put all your quizzing stuff.