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Bible Quizzing Tips

The following bible quizzing tips are here to help you in some common situations that come up during quizzing meets/tournaments.


Many captains will stand up and say, "they said the wrong answer so they should get it incorrect". Really............why? If a quizmaster ruled correct, it's your job is to tell the quiz master why their decision was wrong; In other words, explain what the other quizzer said, then explain what you believe the correct answer should be. Finally explain why the other quizzers answers is not the same thing as what you believe the answer is.

  1. Quote the other quizzer
  2. State what you believe the correct answer is.
  3. Explain the differences between the two.

Remember, you are not trying to convice the quiz master that the other quizzer was wrong. You are trying to convince them why their ruling was wrong.


When another bible quizzer challenges your answer don't just stand up and start saying why your answer is right. Take your time. I don't know about denominations other than Nazarene but I believe in many denominations there isn't a time limit on challenging and rebuttling. If you were wrong admit it. It's not worth lying to win. Beside the reaction you will get from people watching and the other team is worth it. If your wrong admit it. If your not than say why.

Memory Verses

In most denominations there is usually a list of specific "Memory" questions. The majority of bible quizzers don't take the time to memorize those verse which means if you do you will have a good chance of getting those questions right. If you know the memory verses you will probably never have more than 2 or 3 other quizzers. Memory verses are a great way to get points because when you memorize them you know without a doubt that what you're saying is correct. You don't have to worry if you had the right question and answer together.

Jumping Lessons

Jumping fast is something that almost every quizzer has problems with.  Many quizzers think they know the best way to jump fast but all they really know how to do is set the light off and often times not by choice. A good quizzer is not only fast buy can control their jumping eveytime. A good quizzer will almost never set their light off by accident.The problem is that most quizzers sit in the wrong position and put their pad in the wrong place.

How To Jump

The first thing you need to do when you sit down is push the pad all the way to the back of the seat. Then sit on the edge of the seat and lean over so that your chest is close to your knees. Make sure your in a comfortable position for jumping. Stay in that position and reach behind with one of your hands and slide the seat until it hits your bottom. As soon as you feel it hit you bottom lift up just enough to slide the edge of the pad under you. The secret is keeping your butt tight, legs flexed and you weight as far forward as possible.

Also, I have seen many quizzers put the seat under one side of their butt cheeks. You will find yourself jumping quicker if you line the center of the pad with your..."crack".


The quiz masters lips are one of the most important thing in learning to pre-jump. If you watch the quiz masters lips while he/she is reading the question it is easier to see what they were beginning to say just as you jump. Many national level quizzers try to sit in the center chairs so that they are closer to the quizmaster