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Nazarene Bible Quizzing

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Nazarene Bible Quizzing is sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene. Teams are comprised of four active quizzers with one substitute. The quiz rounds are 20 questions in length, and questions are worth 20 points each. If a quizzer gets an error, the opposite teams receive a chance to answer the question for 10 bonus points. Each team must have a designated captain, as well as a co-captain. Nazarene style quizzing uses jump seats that consist of hard and/or soft pads which trigger a buzzer when the quizzer leaves the seat. The first quizzer to “jump” and trigger their buzzer may answer the question.

The Quiz Round

The quiz round will have two or three teams competing in a head-to-head competition. Teams can have four active quizzers and one substitute for a maximum of five quizzers. The quizzers sit on jump seat pads that will trigger a buzzer when they leave the seat. The quiz rounds are 20 questions in length and each question is worth 20 points. The quiz master will begin by announcing the question number and question type. If a quizzer jumps before the quiz master is finished asking the question, the quizzer will need to finish the correct question and answer correctly. If the quizzer receives an error, the opposite teams will receive a free chance to answer the question correctly for 10 bonus points. If a quizzer receives three errors, they will error-out and loose 10 points from their personal score. If a team receives five or more errors they will loose 10 points for each error. All teams will loose 10 points for any errors after question 16. In the event that there is a “tie”, a tie-breaker question will be given until there is a either an incorrect or correct answer. No points are awarded for tie-breaker questions.

Regional and National competitions

Regional competition consists of all-star teams from each district on the region and is held in the spring. Some regions also include a division for the top church team and or an open division. During the regional competitions, the first-place church teams and district “all-star” teams compete to form a Regional “all-star” team which will represent their region at nationals.

There are two different national competitions in Nazarene Bible quizzing which alternate from one year to the next. The first one includes an open division for local local church teams in addition to the regional competition, The second competition is only for regional all-star teams and must be sent as representative of their region.. These national competitions are held at one of the regional colleges during even numbered years and during global and USA/Canada events during the odd numbered years.

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