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Assembly of God Bible Quizzing

If you would like to write an explanation or guide of the Assemblies of God Bible Quizzing program, please contact me . It must be accurate, complete and well written. It should follow a similar format as the World Bible Quiz or Nazarene guides.

Nazarene Bible Quizzing

Nazarene Bible Quizzing is sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene. Teams are comprised of four active quizzers with one substitute. The quiz rounds are 20 questions in length, and questions are worth 20 points each. If a quizzer gets an error, the opposite teams receive a chance to answer the question for 10 bonus points. Each team must have a designated captain, as well as a co-captain. Nazarene style quizzing uses jump seats that consist of hard and/or soft pads which trigger a buzzer when the quizzer leaves the seat.

World Bible Quizzing

In WBQA, each quiz consists of 3 teams with up to 4 quizzers at a time per team. Quizzers each sit on a pad, which will trigger a buzzer when a quizzer rises from his or her seat. The first quizzer to “jump” and trigger their buzzer may answer the question.