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Coaching Tips

This page will contain a list of coaching tips, suggestions, and ideas. Topics will be broad and my be divided in the future. At this time you will find everything from practice ideas to tips for starting a quiz team. The navigation directly below here will serve as a guide to make things easier to find.

Practice / Study Ideas

  1. Scripture Quoting Bee
  2. Unique Word Challenge
  3. Question-Writing
  4. Pay-For-Scripture-Memory
  5. Quizzing Games

Scripture Quoting Bee

A quoting bee is similar to a spelling bee, but the quizzer is given a reference and the quizzer must quote the verse in a specific amount of time. The best place to start would be memory verses but could be expanded to include verse that contain things like "unique words".

Unique Word Challenge

A unique word challenge isn't really any different from a spelling bee or scripture quoting bee. The way it works is instead of reading a question the quizzers is given a uique word. It can be setup in several ways; Either the quizzers can be expected to quote a sentence or two surround the unique word to prove their knowlege of the passage or they can be expected to simply quote the reference of the unique word. Another more complicated possibility is to have them quote both part of the refernce and passage.

Question Writing

Question writing is an excellent way for quizzers to learn the material. You can simply encourage them to write questions or have a question writing competition. Consider offering rewards for the quizzer who writes the most questions. Food or Ice Cream or even money are all good bribes.

Pay For Scripture Memory

Scripture memorization is the most important aspect of bible quizzing with the exception of applying scripture to our lives. Do everything you can to encourage scripture memorization. Consider trying to find donors who will pay so much money for each verse a person memorizes. I told quizzers I would pay $1 per verse only if they memorized the entire years material word-for-word. If they failed memorize the entire book I would pay them $0.10 per verse for every chapter memorized word-for-word. You will be surprised how many people will donate to this cause.

Quiz Games

Play games like Jeprody, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but substitue the question you would normally use for quizzing questions.