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The goal of this site is to provide useful, relevant , accurate and unbiased information about bible quizzing. If you would like help contribute to this site please look at the list of needs below and contact me

Bible Quizzing Links

For a more complete list please check out the links page

AG Bible Quiz is the Official Assembly of God bible quizzing website.

Coaches Corner is really just an online Coaches Manual. This should be read by every coach. Clyde Walker has written an awesome manual that covers everything from a Ministry philosophy to running practice.

Kirkman Quiz Boxes are the nicest jump seats and hand buzzers made. Actually they are only one of two companies that make electronic jump seats. These are very nice but not cheap compared to Quiz Time. These are well worth the money.

Nazarene Leaders has some of the best resources available for running tournament. Roger Sauter has done an amazing job on these resources.

Quiz-Time makes electronic hand buzzers and jump seats for bible quizzing. The benefit of these seats is they are about half the cost of the Kirkman Quiz Boxes. But, personally, as a quizzer I didn't like their seats. There are many reasons that I can e-mail you about if you ask.